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Ndp 2021 Indoor/outdoor Event Promotion Kit Promotional

NDP - 2021 Indoor/Outdoor Event Promotion Kit

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National Day of Prayer - 2021 Indoor/Outdoor Event Promotion Kit

This 2021 National Day of Prayer Indoor/Outdoor Event Promotion Kit includes everything you’ll need to promote your event indoors and out: Large and Small Theme Posters, Theme Prayer Guides, Bookmarks, Mini Invite Cards, Bulletin Inserts, NDP Logo Balloons, “Pray for America” Wristbands, Writing Pens, Window Clings, a Logo Plastic Tablecloth, “I Prayed” Stickers, an extra-large Theme Vinyl Banner, NDP Logo Yard Signs, Logo Decals, and NDP Door Hangers.

You’ll want to use these tools at promotional events before the big day, in key spots throughout your community, and at the event itself. Materials feature the “Love, Life, and Liberty” theme, the organization’s website, and a cry to God: “Lord, pour out your Love, Life, and Liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” This kit will help you draw volunteers and participants to your local event and let people in your city know that this is a community that prays! Consider ordering multiple kits to meet your promotional needs.

National Day of Prayer 2021 Indoor/Outdoor Event Promotion Kit—"Love, Life, and Liberty”

  • (2) MIN1513—NDP 2021 Large Theme Posters 16" x 24"
  • (4) MIN1512—NDP 2021 Small Theme Posters 10" x 18"
  • (1) MIN1514—NDP 2021 Theme Prayer Guides (100 Pk)
  • (1) MIN1515—NDP 2021 Theme Bookmarks (100 Pk)
  • (1) MIN1519—NDP 2021 Mini Invitation Cards (100 Pk)
  • (1) MIN1516—NDP 2021 Theme Bulletin Inserts (100 Pk)
  • (1) MIN0911—NDP Logo Balloons (25 Pk)
  • (25) MIN0910—NDP “Pray for America” Silicone Wristbands
  • (3) MIN1548—NDP 2021 Theme Writing Pens (10 Pk)
  • (2) MIN1609—NDP 2021 Theme Window Clings
  • (1) MIN0899—NDP Logo Plastic Tablecloth
  • (1) NP110B—“I Prayed” Stickers (100 Pk)
  • (1) MIN1536—NDP 2021 Theme Vinyl Banner
  • (4) MIN0826—NDP Logo Yard Signs
  • (2) MIN0933—NDP Logo Decals
  • (1) MIN0897—NDP Door Hangers (150 Pk)