National Day of Prayer 2017 Large Theme Poster JPG Download

National Day of Prayer 2017 Large Theme Poster JPG Download

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On May 4th the 66th Annual National Day of Prayer will take place. God will hear the prayer of His sons and daughters as they come together to present their requests. And with these eye-catching posters you can help tell others about the importance of coming together to pray. By placing these posters in the high-traffic areas of your church, office and community you can help ensure that as many people as possible will join together in corporate prayer for our communities and nation.

World-renown evangelist Luis Palau says, “When you face the perils of weariness, carelessness, and confusion, don't pray for an easier life. Pray instead to be a stronger man or woman of God.” There’s no doubt that as a country we are at a turning point and a critical decision point. We are in desperate need of God’s mercy. And at the same time God wants us to be strong men and women who place our faith and trust in Him. So, as you join with others in seeking God be strong and full of faith, trusting God to show His mercy.

Order your National Day of Prayer large theme poster so you can help bring others together on May 4th, 2017. You can play a critical role in unifying followers of Jesus to pursue His plans and purposes for our country on this this day. By placing posters in strategic areas throughout your community you can raise awareness and bring people together to pray and ask God for His mercy and forgiveness.

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