Drive Thru History - Foundations of Character Teacher Edition

Drive Thru History - Foundations of Character Teacher Edition

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This teacher book is designed to accompany the Foundations of Character DVD and the Student Book only which is included in the SCHOOL KIT. This kit does not correlate with any of the AMERICAN or ANCIENT History Series DVDs.

This curriculum provides thorough historical content about the individuals and events surrounding the founding of the United States. The text, objectives, and activities are aligned with the National Council for the Social Studies standards. Integrated throughout the content, you will find values-based lessons and applications from the lives of our Founding Fathers and Mothers. This curriculum will help young Americans understand the important contributions made by the men and women who led our nation during the Revolutionary era, as well as the character and faith of these individuals. Within these units, you will find a rich variety of primary sources that show the connection between the beliefs and actions of these individuals.

The men and women portrayed in this curriculum are worthy models for students today. As a result of studying the worldviews and actions of our Founders, students will obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the history of our nation and the world. When they apply these lessons to their own lives, they will be better prepared to live with integrity and to fulfill their responsibilities as American citizens. As students follow the examples of these men and women, they will come to realize, as their Founding Fathers and Mothers did, that they, too, can make a difference.


 The curriculum is divided into nine units followed by a final assessment component – all of which are designed to meet state-mandated curriculum guidelines. The units include the following components: The Teacher Guide lists the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) standards and objectives with which each unit aligns. The Teacher Guide also includes student performance expectations for each unit. The Teacher Guide is included with the School Kit and a PDF file of the Teacher Guide is included in the Homeschool kit. By: David Barton and Dr. Nita Thomason

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