A Prayer Warrior's Guide To Spiritual Battle

A Prayer Warrior's Guide To Spiritual Battle

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It’s a critical hour. The church is in need of an awakening, and our nation is desperate for spiritual revival. God has provided us with a powerful tool—one that enables us to draw closer to Him, gain wisdom and understanding, and even change the world. Yet we often lump prayer into the intangible, view it as a last resort, or shove it to the bottom of our to-do lists. Why?

A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle is a field manual for exploring the depth and power of a praying life. Drawing on rich military metaphors, this book explores prayer from every angle—from its basic elements to the obstacles that hold people back. With inspirational stories, tools, and resources, this guide enables new recruits and seasoned prayer warriors alike to gain a greater understanding of the number one weapon in spiritual warfare: prayer.

This packed resource is filled with spiritual battle strategies and prayers from contributors like: Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Shirley Dobson, Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Ravi Zacharias, Chuck Swindoll and many, many others. 

You will also find helpful guides, source material, suggested tools and more. 

This book is 8 years in the making and can be yours today! 

About the Author/Editor:

John Bornschein is the vice chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, an executive member of the National Prayer Committee, and the author of For Life: Defending the Defenseless. During his 20 years in ministry, John has held roles as a senior pastor and missionary and served with One Child Matters, Heritage Builders, and Focus on the Family.

  "If there was ever a day when God’s people needed to grab ahold of God and to invite His manifest presence back into our midst, today is that day! In every direction we look in our culture, chaos has taken control. And, when God is dismissed from a culture, that vacuum is filled by evil. Therefore, it is incumbent upon God’s people, through whom He has determined to express His presence, to make contact with Him, in unity, on one accord. So, I’d like to encourage you and your church to get involved, read this book and make your voices heard on earth, inviting heaven in our midst, to turn around a culture in chaos."
-     Dr. Tony Evans, President of The Urban Alternative

 "I am truly excited about A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle! This book is a gift to believers everywhere who want to draw closer to the Lord and be part of His activity through prayer. Drawn from the wealth of knowledge shared by trusted spiritual leaders and members of the National Prayer Committee—many of whom I consider dear friends—this comprehensive Prayer Warrior’s Guide will open your heart and mind to experience the fullness of the power of prayer through relationship with Christ. This Guide dives deep in content but remains accessible and practical. From new believers to seasoned spiritual leaders, everyone will find fresh wisdom and direction for an effective, meaningful, and life-giving prayer life."
-     Dr. Dick Eastman, President of Every Home for Christ

 “John Bornschein’s new book brings to light the true power that is in the hands of the followers of Jesus Christ when those hands are clasped in earnest interceding prayer. A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle will help you better understand both the why and how you can prevail in prayer over your family and even this nation.  I am confident that this great book by a true national prayer leader will kindle prayer fires in you that God can use to deliver men and nations!” 
-     Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council 

 "Faith has always been the golden strand that binds Americans together – faith not only in the promises and benefits of freedom, but ultimately, in the grace and benevolence of the Creator whose hand has sustained and upheld this country throughout its history. Our world is in desperate need of people of prayer – individuals who will cry out to God day and night for transformation of the hearts and minds of all men. A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle is the kindling for a spiritual fire of the soul to go deeper with God in solemn assembly."
-     David Barton, Founder and President of WallBuilders

 "A Prayer Warrior's Guide to the Spiritual Battle is a great resource for those who want to better understand how to effectively engage in spiritual warfare on the front lines in our culture. The insights and practical truths on prayer will encourage all."
-     David Kubal, President and CEO of Intercessors for America

 "I can not think a more significant focus than the one this book addresses. We are in the greatest spiritual battle of our lifetimes. What a blessing to have these seasoned prayer leaders offer their insights as to how we can be prayer warriors used of God to help win the battle!”
-     Dr. Paul Cedar, Chairman of the Mission America Coalition

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